902 is a venture builder with skin in the game that helps startups & investors to achieve measurable results in 90 days.

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Why 90% of ventures fail

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Lack of validated market demand

Product does not solve an underserved need

Failure to communicate that to the market

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Assembling the wrong team

Failure to create culture where people thrive

Team is not fit for the task due to lack of skills or entrepreneurial experience

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Running out of money

Cannot find & convince an investor

Failure to generate enough traction

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Failing business model

Business model does not generate & capture value in a profitable & scalable way

How you avoid becoming one of them


incubate your business idea

  • Validate Market Demand

    Before you build your product you have to ensure the worlds really needs it. Otherwise, all you have to show for your efforts are blood, sweat and tears. And lessons learned. We’ve been there many times. 

  • Build your MVP & achieve Problem Solution Fit

    Through focused user testing, rapid experimentation and MVP building you prove that your enterprise is more than just an idea. You prove that you solve a real world problem.

  • Seed fund your venture

    Get your pitch deck ready and meet with investors to raise the funding for turning your MVP into a thriving startup.


Accelerate your startup

  • Reach product market fit

    Turn your Minimal Viable Product (MVP) with a few excited fans into a product with a large group of early adopters and achieve Product Market fit.

  • Accelerate towards hypergrowth

    Acquiring and retain your first customers is not enough. You need to build a predictable, scaleable growth engine.

  • Make decisions based on real-time data

    You don't have to fail fast, you have to learn fast. To do that you need clear hypotheses and experiments that give you insights in real time. So that you know if you are on track or need to pivot. Before you fail.


Innovate your corporation from within

  • Identify new products and services

    Spot currently underserved needs and target the right market segment with innovation that solves that product perfectly.

  • Justify the business case

    Validate your assumptions and evaluate the market potential before you build. Is there a market demand and how big is? How can you harvest it? Based on that you can build a solid business case.

  • Build an unnovation culture

    Innovation is the art of trial and error. Implementing that understanding across the organization is crucial for the success for transformative companies.


evaluate your investment opportunities

  • Evaluate market size & potential

    How big is the total addressable market, what dynamics and regulations do you need to understand? Which go-to-market strategy makes sense? Questions like these need to be clarified first before you invest.

  • Evaluate fairly and reduce risk

    How to you evaluate your portfolio companies? Is a DCF model right for a SaaS company? Financial models need to built on valid data and reduce assumptions.

  • Get the right people in the right positions

    Most startups fail of the people. Not due to the lack of individual skills but as a result of a cultural miss match. Does your venture have the right team to weather any storm?

Results in 90 days - this is how we work


Access to all the knowledge & people, financing & partnerships you need through our trust based ecosystem with a long-standing track record

Save environment

Co-work & co-create with other bold people at our HQ that reinforce and support you on your path to realizing your vision

Skin in the game

We hold us accountable for our work and give our commitment to your venture.

Measurable results

Our Framework allows us to incubate & accelerate, innovate & evaluate your venture in 90 days with measurable key results.

Values we live by


|valor| n.

Being bold enough to take a leap of faith.


|Execution| n.

Valuing doing over talking.


|grit| n.

The stubborn refusal to quit.


|humility| n.

Assume that other people know things you don’t.

Meet the team

Ben Klein - CEO - Image

Ben Klein

Member of the Board

I bring growth-minded people together to make a sustainable impact in tomorrow's world.

Lanny Heiz - CGO - Image

Lanny Heiz

Member of the Board

I believe in creating a world driven by meaningful companies & people

Michael Eggiman - Chairman of the Board - Image

Michael Eggiman

Member of the Board

Nik Engel - CPO - Image

Nik Engel

Member of the Board

I deliver accelerated growth & improved performance for startups through my passion to enable organizational potential

We stand on the shoulders of giants
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